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Project planning

Project planning

Project is meticulously planned from start to finish. We consult with our clients to develop an understanding of their property towards creating a unique service package. Our systematical approach includes the following steps :-

Evaluate Specific Venue & Client Requirements :
Conduct a preliminary survey of the rooms, areas, items and surfaces to be serviced as part of the scope of works.

Preparation :
Plan all logistical requirements and programme the resources to acquire necessary equipment and supply like.

Value Addition :
Adherence to Quality standards
Total legal & Statutory compliances observed
Frequent Audits & Trainings of crew members
Use of branded and standard products
Eco-friendly solutions
Implement Health and Safety measures
Mechanized & Customized solutions

Service Delivery :
Operate with professionalism, transparency, commitment and dedication to offer services that exceeds client's expectations.

Evaluate :
We have the expertise and resources to meet and handle customer requirements. It is its unique combination of resources and qualities that sets us apart from the rest and allows us to roll out latest techniques to the market. It is an on-going effort to bring together the best manpower talent combined with the best practices backed with technology.