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Before deployment it is mandatory for all employees to undertake a basic Security Training Course which is the necessary skill to perform duties. In addition to lessons on basic guarding skill, they are taught the rudiments of first Aid, Fire Fighting and Self Defense. The training process is ongoing and progressive throughout the employee career to refresh and further develop their knowledge. Before deployment it is mandatory for all employers underline a basic training which will help them to do their jobs more effectively and efficiency.

Basic trainings for facility maintenance staff
First of all we know that our staff will become an integrated part of our client's organization. One client and their employees will meet our staff and interact with them on daily basis and moreover they have to interact with company visitors, Partners and customers so we train them to be polite and perform their works with 100% accuracy.

We also have onsite training program in which our service trainers will visit and guide the staff regularly.

Our staff training is based on needs/ not availability: - training of our staff is not based on what is available in a standardized training catalogue available in markets or on internet. Our training program is developed and designed solely on the basis of the customer's individual needs and requirements. BRIEF VIEW OF TRAINING BASIC TRAINING :
Physical Training
Professional Training
People Skills Training
Positive Attitude
On site Training

Besides basic and specialized training, we also provide other training modules like.
Supervisory Training
Pre-Job Training
Refresher Training

All personnel in GTS has to go through the mandatory training lectures on the following.


GTS has a rewarding system which gives recognition and benefits to its best selected personnel who follow the above important aspects.

The Company owns cars. Vans and motorcycles for the fast mobility of its officers it helps them in meeting our client's needs at short notice besides effective monitoring of services.